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Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya Research Review

It is a matter of immense intellectual pleasure and honour for me to act as an editor for this academic journal that would simultaneously record and disseminate the recent advances in the field of academic research. For any academic institution, to truly scale the heights of excellence, an insistence upon the culture of research is inevitable. Keeping this view in mind, this journal would provide a platform for both the teachers and learners hailing from multiple disciplines and pursuing their academic activities in both English and Bengali. This national journal would provide a wide and diverse knowledge base for all irrespective of disciples be it Humanities, Science or Commerce. As our College is located in Purba Medinipur, away from the urban possibilities of the cosmopolitan cities, I hope that a journal like this one would be of particular assistance to the local academic community as it would provide them an immediate contact with the research activities going on at present. I am highly thankful to the experts of various universities and academic institutions who have agreed to be the peer reviewers for the submissions to this journal. I also express my sincere thanks to the entire editorial board that works tirelessly to make this publication a success. Above and beyond everything, I thank all the contributors whose valuable contributions truly make the journal what it is- a multidisciplinary and research based platform for the dissemination of knowledge. I thoroughly welcome any constructive criticism that would help to elevate the quality of this journal. It is our constant endeavour to improve and develop this newly germinated brainchild of ours. With this view, I present this first volume of the journal hoping that it finds approval and acceptance in the academic community at large.



Dr. Sujit Kr. Bera

Chief Editor